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A Bellvine Showcase: Ted Boerner

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Ted Boerner, a San Francisco based design studio has been captivating the interior design industry for over three decades. With a strong focus on attention to detail and immense care for all the materials used in the creation of their bespoke pieces, Ted Boerner’s designs are innovative, versatile and constantly imaginative. We are thrilled to highlight Ted Boerner in our first ever Artisan Spotlight not only for his incredible designs but also because of their desire to foster the community and help other artisans.

Ted Boerner at the Hewn SF Panel during the San Francisco Design Center Market Week Hosted By Cal Home and Design and Hewn SF

What makes a good furniture designer?

A good designer strives to solve problems with design by providing function and beauty to spaces and to support the people inhabiting them. Ultimately, designers should contribute to a sense of place and belonging through their work. Each piece one creates has a story that is told through the use of materials, through how it is produced and about all the people who work in concert to see a product come together. Being a good furniture designer is as much about creating a product as it is about fostering good relationships for everyone involved from the maker to the end-user.

How do you approach design?

I approach design with care and an open mind, a ‘beginner’s mind’ if you will. Each time I begin a design assignment I try to see it with fresh eyes so I am addressing the needs of today but I filter those with universal ideas to find a design that works for today and will also be relevant in the future.

I think it is important to appreciate the built environment around us and to constantly educate myself about the ever-changing human condition. I appreciation good design in a broad range from luxury products to quotidian objects yet never losing sight of the rejuvenating powers of nature. I like to get into the backstory of every product that catches my eye: who it was made for, the function it fulfills, how it enhances not only the experience of the consumer but also the maker. Design should be thoughtful, compelling and in some cases invisible. Good design manifests itself through the desire to improve life as well as the places it plays out. I have a personal credo to leave any place better than I found it.

How does Bellvine help manufacturers and others in the interior design industry?

Bellvine has managed to do something that the design community has been longing for but hasn’t seen come to fruition- until now. Not only is it a marketplace where designers, showrooms and manufacturers can congregate online, it is a way of keeping the valuable connections between all parties intact and vital. The design world is first and foremost a community of artisans and creators who have nurtured strong relationships together. Unfortunately, many platforms promise to eradicate these strong bonds by replacing showrooms and manufacturers altogether. Bellvine has perfectly and consciously worked on keeping these valuable relationships dynamic and essential. It is important to me and other manufacturers that we nourish our bonds within the design community. That bond is Bellvine.

Boerner designs can be seen in the corporate offices of Nike, Conde Naste, and distinguished institutions like Harvard and Stanford. His work has been featured in numerous publications, such as Architectural Digest, Curbed, San Francisco Chronicle and LA Times. You can find Ted Boerner’s beautifully crafted pieces on Bellvine.com Products Featured in this Post Are All Available on Bellvine:

Cumulus Collection: Cloudbox Bed

Nimbus Collection: Sofa With Metal Base Legs Thicket Collection: Console Table

Triad Collection: Desk